Who are the Original Members?Edit

The original members of the Akatsuki Club are:

~PoundtheAlarm~ as Deidara

FinnickForever as Kakuzu

Zakel as Sasori

Asfbn as Konan

Jojojohnjohn8676 as Zetsu

VarinEgo as Pein

CallamD97 as Hidan

Dannoh403 as Orochimaru

Dedejacob as Itachi

Flowers101 as Tobi

Scarlett123 as Kisame

How do I become a member?Edit

To become a member, contact either FinnickForever or ~PoundtheAlarm~. You will then become a Academy Student. The more time, edits, and participation you put into the wiki, the faster you graduate.

The Levels are:

Academy Student: This is where you start. You must edit the wiki pages, create pages, add photos and or videos, and be active. If you suceed at these tasks, you then graduate to:

Lower Ninja: This is the second level. You now start learning the basics. After a while, you eventually graduate to:

Middle Ninja: This is the third level. This is the stage where you become more responsible. After it looks like you have enough skill, you then graduate to:

Elite Ninja: This is the fourth level. This level is where you may become a chat moderator if the original members believe you are worthy.

Missing Nin: This is the final stage. This is when you abandon your village and ally with the Akatsuki. This is where you are the most skilled, and mature of ninjas.

What are the Villages? And which one am I from?Edit

When you contact an admin or the founder about becoming a member, you will be assigned a village. Here are the possible assignments:

Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village): This is the home village of Naruto, and Itachi Uchiha, member of the Akatsuki. Full of friendly people, and ruled by the Hokage, this is the place for a ninja.

Sonagakure (Hidden Sand Village): This is the home village of Gaara, aswell as Sasori, the puppet master of the Akatsuki. Filled with powerful nin, this is the village for a strong willed nin.

Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village): Home to Haku and Zabuza, the powerful duo from the Hunter Nin, this is a mysterious village. There is always heavy rains in this village.

Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud Village): This is a village located on the top of a mountain, causing clouds to surround it. It has strong military forces, and is great when it comes to economic troubles.

Iwagakure (Hidden Stone Village): Deidara was born and raised in this village, and it is home to many artists. Most of the techniques used by Stone nin are Earth element.

Amegakure (Hidden Rain Village) This is the home to Pein and Konan, the strong partnership from the Akatsuki. It is some metallic skyscrapers, and it definitly a great place to be.

Kusagakure (Hidden Grass Village): This village has lush forests, and is known for it's skilled nin. It has different types of vegetation, and it a beautiful village to visit.

Otagakure (Hidden Sound Village): Home to Orochimaru, one of the biggest villains, this village is proud of it's nin with sound manipulation techniques. This village is perfect for anyone that likes music, or just the dark side.

Takigakure (Hidden Waterfall Village): Home to Kakuzu, the money loving asset to the Akatsuki, this village has a gorgeous waterfall as a popular landmark. Water manipulation is well know to it's nin.

Yugakure (Hidden Hot Spring Village): Being the village that Hidan originated from, it is definitly a luxurious village to stay it. The village is known for it's nins' sinister personalities.

What do I make articles about?Edit

You can make articles about a village, character, or anything that relates to Akatsuki. Be creative, and have fun.

Who are the Founder's, Admins, and Mods?Edit

Founder: FinnickForever

Co-Founder/Admin: ~PoundtheAlarm~

Mods: Asfbn, VarinEgo, Flowers101